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Today's Financial Women (TFW™) magazine is a lifestyle publication that celebrates successful women.  TFW™ is an essential resource for real women, making real progress towards real success.  TFW™ mines the minds of mavens, from solopreneurs to CEO's of corporations, to bring your insights, inspiration and ingenuity from women at the top or on their way up.

TFW™ has been serving professional women in the financial services industry since 1982.  In 2010 TFW™ began a transformation creating a lifestyle magazine that celebrates successful women,  This has been an exciting time for TFW™; we are now read in nine countries and our electronic readership continues to grow!   TFW™ is truly interactive by incorporating the readers thoughts and suggestion into the magazine content.  We have invited a number of highly regarded professionals to contribute and who share in our objective to inform and inspire women, helping them to fulfill their career potential.  

Enjoy reading! 

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 Melissa Curzon, Geoffrey Curzon, Geoff Curzon, Becky Nelson, Crescio, Cindy Haas, Ann Kvaal, Regina Barr, Mary Quist Newins, Don Redinius, Kathryn Senkbell, Keith Weber, Karen Adamedes, Dr Lois Frankel,

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 Melissa Curzon, Geoffrey Curzon, Geoff Curzon, Triumph Solutions Inc., TFW, Todays Financial Women, Liz Cornish, Regina Barr, Cindy Haas, Ann Kvaal, Crescio, Becky Nelson, Libby Gill, Tamara Sales






TFW Team
Melissa Curzon, TFW, business magazine, triumph solutions inc., todays financial women, ceo, leadership, women in management, successful women, business leader, entrepreneur

"TFW has become an enduring friend and intergal part of our readers' personal and professional lives.  We continue to identify and understand our readers preferences which sustains our place on their must read list."

Melissa Curzon - CEO, Triumph Solutions Inc. 
                                TFW - Publisher
regina barr, triumph solutions inc, tfw, todays financial women, business magazine, ceo, leadership, business management, business solutions, women in leadership, women at the top, watt, redladder

"One of the critical success factors for women leaders is access to experts and role models.  TFW magazine precedes this and more for women who want to move ahead in their careers in a format and voice that resonates with women."

Regina Barr -  Founder, WATT® Network
                           TFW - Contributor

Ann Kvaal, TFW, Triumph Solutions Inc., Todays Financial Women, business magazaine, CEO, Successful Women, leaders in business, ak communications "You will not find a higher caliber of expertise and relevant content for real women striving for real success.  Every issue of TFW features expert contributors and the nation's top business professionals offering the newest ideas and information to succeed in business today."

Ann Kvaal - AK Communications 
                      TFW - Executive Editor

Cindy Haas, successful women, TFW, Todays Financial Women, Triumph Solutions Inc., CEO, business magazine, leadership, management
"For nearly 30 years TFW has been an indispensable resource for women.  Working diligently bringing critical information to help women lead in their work place.   TFW is an essential publication for women wanting to reach their professional and leadership potential."

Cindy Haas - Vice President, Gateway Bank 
                           TFW - Editor

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